9/10/16 Monthly CCDC Breakfast Meeting

Please join us at our monthly “Donuts with Democrats” breakfast meeting!

Saturday, September 10th     9:00 – 11:00 AM

We have all been working to defeat the OSD amendment that will be on the ballot in November, but there is an equally questionable proposal to disband an independent Judicial Oversight Committee that monitors our Judges for ethics.  Come learn more about this other proposed Constitutional amendment.

 Our speaker will be Atty Lester Tate, a Trial Lawyer from Akin & Tate, P. C., who has been speaking out on this proposed change.

Atty Lester Tate

Click here to read the article from 11 Alive on how a disgraced former Judge turned GA Representative is leading the effort to disband the independent watchdog group and turn their authority over to the GA Legislature.

Marietta Fire Museum

Physical Address:  112 Haynes St, Marietta, GA 30060

NOTE:  Park in the small parking garage off of Lawrence St. next to Post Office and enter from the back door for the easiest access.

Please bring some non-perishable food to donate!

How much for the optional breakfast?  For $5 per person, enjoy fresh donuts, hot coffee (both caff/decaff), or bottled water.



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