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Welcome to the official web site for the Cobb County Democratic Party!

The Cobb County Democratic Party is committed to keeping our state safe and expanding opportunity for every Georgian. At the national level, that commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes the security of our nation, strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, honest government, and civil rights. The same commitment can be found at the state and county level as well.

For more information on what the Democratic Party stands for, please feel free to read Our Party on the Democratic National Committee web site.

We are proud to be Georgia Democrats. If you want to be a part of this great grassroots team, please join us–give us a call at 404-988-1429. The time for action is now. Our states desperately needs repair. Our state needs us.

Our state needs the Democratic Party.


Cobb County Executive Board

2016-2018 Officers of the Cobb County Democratic Committee

Click here for our COBB COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE Bylaws approved 1-26-12

Click here for the platform of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

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Cobb Democrats: 404-988-1429

Michael Owens, Chair

Email: michael@cobbdemocrats.org
Phone: 678-313-1061

Jacquelyn Bettadapur, First Vice Chair

Email: jacquelyn@cobbdemocrats.org
Phone: 678-620-8394

Becky Arrington, Second Vice Chair

Email: becky@cobbdemocrats.org
Phone: 770-778-2051  

Eustacia V. McCloud, Secretary

Email: eustacia@cobbdemocrats.org
Phone: 404-368-9148

Eileen Lichtenfeld, Treasurer

Email: eileen@cobbdemocrats.org
Phone: 678-777-1166

Democratic Party of Georgia

DuBose Porter

First Vice-Chair
Nikema Williams

Congressional District/County Liaison Vice-Chair
Sarah Todd

Constituency Group Vice-Chair
Pedro “Pete” Marin

Candidate Recruitment Vice-Chair
Ted Terry

Stephanie Woods Miller

Kip Carr

6th Congressional District Chair
Ben Myers

11th Congressional District Chair
Georgette Thaler

13th Congressional District Chair
Myesha Good

Cobb County State Committee Members were elected in 2015 geographically by Cobb County Commission District to serve 4 year terms.  CCDC currently has 16 seats, plus one appointment.

Commission District 1          

Leslie Adams

Dr. Beth Farokhi

Dr. N.R. Farokhi

Reverend Coakley Pendergrass

Commission District 2

Erick Allen

Jacqueline Bettadapur

Marie Pearson Shockley

Doug Stoner

Commission District 3

Kenny Bradford

Ruthe Levy

David Lombrozo

Melissa Pike

Commission District 4

Joel Cope

Tiffany Fannin

Michael Owens

Sally Riddle


Diana Eckles

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