Cobb County Democrats State of the Union Response

Cobb County Democrats State of the Union Response

Last night, like many of you, I watched the President of the United States give the State of the Union address.  He continued to neglect discussion of critical American and global issues and instead, wasted no time in propagating false statements about immigration, bloating statements about his oval office success, and empty promises and lip service to our veterans. Let me be very clear.  We do not support his divisive agenda.  We are determined to stop it the best way we can!

How? We will stop it by winning elections with strong Democratic candidates opposing GOP legislators set on carrying out Trump’s Agenda on a local level.

We plan on stopping it by mobilizing people  across the county to engage Democratic voters and their neighbors directly with the information they need.

Help us support our local candidates, here in Cobb County, and get the word out for upcoming elections!  Every dollar will help, but we encourage you to become a “Blue Medal supporter” at just $25.00.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that Trump doesn’t gain any additional support in Cobb. Our effort will ensure that candidates get the resources they need and Democratic voters across the county make their voices heard at the ballot box.

2018 is going to be our year, but we need your help.

I’m excited about the days ahead and you can help right now by making a donation.



Michael C. Owens
Cobb County Democratic Committee

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