{FAQ}: Georgia Democratic Party Nominating Convention 2014

What is it?
Every four years the DPG Convenes a Nominating convention to formally place our statewide constitutional officers names on the ballot, and to conduct other business important to the Democratic Party of Georgia and turning Georgia Blue!

Sounds like fun, who will be at this shindig?
All of the Constitutional Officer Candidates, DPG Leadership, Party Activists, Delegates, Alternates, Appointees, Ex-Officio Members of the Democratic Party, local candidates, elected officials, press, and guests.

When & Where is it?

  • Date: Saturday August 9th.
  • Where: DuBose Porter Center Oconee Fall Line Technical College (formerly the Heart of Georgia Technical College) 560 Pinehill Road, Dublin, GA 31021

How do I become a Delegate, Alternate or Campaign Appointee?

  • First things first, You have to print, fill out and sign the 2014 Convention Delegate Notice of Intent. If you are an Elected or Appointed State Committee Member-YOU’RE IN! –Congratulations you are already a Delegate.
  • The individual Campaign leadership will make campaign appointments. If you are volunteering at one of the campaigns, ask them directly. So, I’m not one of those folks… I still want to go! This is where it gets a little complicated… We’re going to do some math, so stick with me.
  • Each county committee will elect 2 times the number of State Committee seats they have, and 1 time the number for Alternates, rounding up to a whole number for each.
  • Every County Democratic Committee will elect half the delegates and alternates and hold a separate, public Caucus to elect the other half of delegates and alternates.
    • TWO Opportunities to win!
    • The County Party Chair will appoint remaining open slots.

How Many Delegates and Alternates do my County get?

  • Cobb will elect 32 Delegates and 16 Alternates total.
  • Half of those on July 10th and the other half on July 26th. See below.

When & Where are the County Committee Delegate Elections?Elections for Delegate & Alternates will be held by each County Democratic Party organization. You will need to provide proof you are a Cobb resident and registered voter.The Cobb County Democratic Committee will hold the elections on Thursday July 10th at 7:00 pm and the Caucus on Saturday July 26th at 9:00 am both at the same location:

  • Marietta Fire Museum Conference Room
  • 112 Haynes St, Marietta, GA 30060

For more information about the Cobb Delegate election please contact Chairperson Melissa Pike by email.

What do Delegates and Alternates do?*
Delegates represent their County Party in all votes and acclamations.
Alternates are responsible for serving any time a delegate cannot. The Party will credential alternates. Alternates are encouraged to attend the convention. Often, a regular delegate will step outside during a vote and an alternate will sit as a delegate on a single vote.

Does it cost money?
Yes, sort of, it’s a voluntary $50.00 Delegation Fee: ALL Attendees of the convention are asked to pay a $50.00 fee to help cover the cost of food. We prefer this be paid in advance of the convention, but same day payment will be accommodated. The DPG will be setting up a link for payment to be made online. Checks should be made out and sent to the Democratic Party of Georgia.
Folks, if you can’t pay all $50, we encourage you to pay something toward the facility rental, the food and the air conditioning!

What usually happens at these events?
Well, there is no denying it, it going to be an afternoon of speechifying. But the good kind, the barnburner kind, ultimately it’s a rousing affirmation of the folks we’ve elected to represent us statewide on the ballot this November.We will also vote for a number of Proclamations and cheer for our many friends receiving well-deserved awards.It’s really fun, you’ll get a chance to meet and mingle with the candidates and the other activists from around the state.

Sounds like this is the place to wear my Donkey shaped Hat and all my political buttons!
Exactly, this is totally the place to wear all your Patriotic and Democratic campaign regalia.

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Qualifying for 2014 Cobb County Elections

Qualifying for Democratic Candidates in the 2014 Cobb County Elections will be conducted March 3-7 at our office at 166 Anderson St, Suite 113, Marietta GA 30060.


You will officially declare your intention to run by completing a form and paying a fee during the following times. The process is called “Qualifying”.
Starting Date: Monday, March 3, 2014 at 9:00am
Ending Date: Friday, March 7, 2014 at 12:00noon

***The qualifying form must be signed and notarized. Candidates are responsible for providing a properly notarized form–notaries may not be available at the qualifying office.***

Accepting Campaign Donations

Many laws regulating the acceptance of campaign contributions are governed by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission. Please visit their Website before accepting any donations.

Offices on the Ballot in 2014

Click here for a list of Offices to be Elected in 2014

Requirements for Qualifying

Various offices have different requirements for those who wish to run. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine what the qualifications are and that they are met. Click here for information www.sos.ga.gov/elections. County offices such as Chief Magistrate may have additional requirements. If so, they can be found in the online Cobb County Code: library.municode.com

Qualifying Fees

Qualifying fees for County Offices only click here.

Qualifying Locations

County level partisan offices will qualify at locations determined by the Cobb Republican Party or the Cobb Democratic Party. Nonpartisan judges will qualify at the Cobb Elections Office. State offices qualify at locations in Atlanta. Click here for more information.

List of Registered Voters

Please call the Cobb Elections Office at 770/528-2581 for information about ordering lists of registered voters in your district.

Campaign Signs

O.C.G.A. § 16-7-58(a) prohibits you from erecting signs on public or private property if you do not have permission to do so. Please note that the offices of Cobb County Government, Cobb County School District, and Marietta City Schools have indicated that they do not give permission for any campaign signs on their property.


  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to place posters, signs, or advertisements:
    1. On any public property or building, unless the owner thereof or the occupier as authorized by such owner has given permission to place such posters, signs, or advertisements on such property; provided, however, that signs within the rights of way of public roads shall be governed by Code Section 32-6-51;
    2. On any private property unless the owner thereof or the occupier as authorized by such owner has given permission to place such posters, signs, or advertisements on such property; and, provided, further that no municipal, county, or consolidated government may restrict by regulation or other means the length of time a political campaign sign may be displayed or the number of signs which may be displayed on private property for which permission has been granted; or
    3. On any property zoned for commercial or industrial uses if the placement of such posters, signs, or advertisements conflicts with any zoning laws or ordinances.


O.C.G.A. § 21-2-414 prohibits campaign signs on Election Day, including those on vehicles and hand-held, within 150 feet of a polling place or 25 feet of voters standing in line to vote.


  1. No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign literature, newspaper, booklet, pamphlet, card, sign, paraphernalia, or any other written or printed matter of any kind, nor shall any person solicit signatures for any petition or conduct any exit poll or public opinion poll with voters on any day in which ballots are being cast:
    1. Within 150 feet of the outer edge of any building within which a polling place is established;
    2. Within any polling place; or
    3. Within 25 feet of any voter standing in line to vote at any polling place.


The following information is provided to help you research sign ordinances in Cobb County and the various cities.


Cobb County (770) 528-2180 sign ordinance


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Cobb Volunteer Training

nunn trng

We are very excited to be working in conjunction with the Young Democrats of Kennesaw State University to offer a Michelle Nunn Training in Cobb County! Join us Saturday, March 8th at 9am-12pm.

This training is for anyone who would like to Volunteer with the Nunn Campaign, learn more about Michelle OR gain some insight into this important US Senate Campaign.

In addition to hearing from Michelle the Senior Staff who will share from their vast campaign experience.

Feel free to forward this email to your Progressive Friends.

Please sign up here and before the event you will receive a follow-up email with a more specific map and any updates.

I look forward to seeing you there, and sharing this incredible opportunity with you

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March Cobb Democrats Breakfast, Passing of Roberto Moraes

march 2014 breakfast



Passing of our Dear Friend Roberto Moraes

We are very saddened about the passing of dedicated activist Roberto Moraes. His daughter wrote of him on FaceBook, “Our father, Roberto Moraes, passed away Monday Feb 24th after suffering a sudden stroke on the 13th while here in Brazil. Initially it was a minor stroke and he was expected to recover well, but by the 4th day of his recovery his condition had worsened, with swelling and more bleeding in his brain. He had emergency surgery to try to relieve the pressure on his brain and he was put into an induced coma and life support to allow the brain a better chance at recovery. However, the bleeding in his brain continued and despite another surgery, the damage was irreversible and he did not wake up from the coma.

He received excellent care at a public hospital here in Sao Paulo. He would have wanted everyone to know that a public health system really can work!

He was cremated today following his wishes and we are planning to plant a tree with his ashes in his memory at our farm in Brazil.

We want to thank everyone for their messages and are overwhelmed by the number of lives he has touched, both here in Brazil and in the US.”

We will post details of a memorial here once details are confirmed.

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February Business Meeting *State Committee election postponed*

Feb 2014 breakfast

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January Breakfast

jan 11 breakfast

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CDW Holiday Open House and CCDC Business Meeting

CDW Holiday Open House and CCDC Business Meeting

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Join us for the November Breakfast

nov 9 breakfast

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Voter Registration Training, Business Meeting

Join us for the Cobb County Democrats Business Meeting

We will also be conducting our election for First Vice-Chair. Only current Committee members will be eligible to vote.

WHEN: Saturday, October 19, 2013, 11am-1pm
WHERE: Marietta Fire Department Museum Conference Room, 205 Lawrence St, Marietta GA 30060

We will also be holding a voter registration education class from 9am-11am, same location.

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In Loving Memory

It is with the deepest regret I inform you of the very sudden and unexpected passing of our first Vice-Chair, Anthony McKinney.

Anthony’s vibrant spirit will be missed. We are all in shock. Details will be made available as soon as they are known.anthony2013-3

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**No July Breakfast,** Join us for the AUGUST 10th Breakfast

august 2013 breakfastaugust 2013 breakfast

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June Breakfast-Saturday, 06/08/13

june 2013 breakfast

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April 2013 Breakfast Meeting

Come join Cobb County Democrats Saturday, April 13th at 9am at 3 Amigos in Marietta. Our speaker will be Dewey McClain, President of the Atlanta/North Georgia Labor Council and retired Atlanta Falcon.

april 2013 breakfast

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CCDC Membership Committee 2013 Membership Drive Kickoff

Want to be a part of the greatest single democratic organization ever conceived by the human race? JOIN THE COBB COUNTY DEMOCRATS today!! Members are more likely to experience eternal bliss and learn to divide by zero. JOIN TODAY!!

Download our membership form and scan/photograph it and email to us, or you can fax it to 888-908-8821 or mail it to us at CCDC, PO Box 1307, Marietta GA 30061.







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