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Georgia My Voter Page
  • Voter registration status
  • Mail-In application and ballot status
  • Poll location
  • Early voting locations
  • Elected Officials
  • Registration information on file with the county office
  • Sample ballot for the upcoming election
  • Provisional Ballot status

Georgia Voter Identification Requirements
Military and Overseas Voting

Have a problem voting?


Submit a Complaint to the Office of Secretary of State Elections Division


Know your Rights On Election Day:

  • If anyone harasses you, you can make a complaint to your polling location’s chief manager, your county elections office, or the Secretary of State.
  • If you are in line before polls close, you must be allowed to cast your vote.
  • If you aren’t comfortable voting with a touch-screen computer, you may ask for assistance from a poll worker.
  • If your voting machine malfunctions, tell a poll worker before casting your vote.
  • If you mess up on your paper ballot, you may request a replacement as long as you did not cast your ballot.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, or have other assistive equipment, no poll worker may touch your equipment without your prior consent.
  • If your precinct doesn’t have permanent handicapped parking, they must designate a handicapped parking spot with temporary signage.
  • If you have a service animal, it must be permitted into all buildings.

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